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Add.: Av. Ferroviaria #3, Uyuni
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Uyuni Salt Flats Tours (3 Days/2 Nights)-Uyuni/San Pedro1100.00 BOB
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We were disapoint that we had to change the other car due to the 4WD trouble.

HISAO, Japon | 2013-05-02

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Picture Uyuni Salt Flats Tours (3 Days/2 Nights), Bolivia. Tours en , Bolivia
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Picture Uyuni Salt Flats Tours (3 Days/2 Nights), Bolivia. Tours en , Bolivia
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Picture Uyuni Salt Flats Tours (3 Days/2 Nights), Bolivia. Tours en , Bolivia
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Picture Uyuni Salt Flats Tours (3 Days/2 Nights), Bolivia. Tours en , Bolivia

Uyuni Salt Flats Tour and Bolivia SouthWest
The Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt lake in the world and stretches for hundreds of kilometres. This vast shimmering white expanse is visited by 4 wheel drives which travel on the many meandering tracks across the lake and going to Parque Avaroa (Colored Lagoons).
Notable Highlights:
Salar de Uyuni, is the largest salt flats in the world. Sitting 3650 meter high, Salar de Uyuni sits in the Departmento of Potosí in southwest Bolivia near the crest of the andes.
40,000 years ago the salt flats were a part of Lago Minchin, a giant prehistoric lake. When this lake dried, it left behind two modern lakes, Lagos Poopó and Uru Uru, and the two major salt deserts, Coipasa and the larger Uyuni.
Salar de Uyuni is estimated to contain 10 billion tons of salt of which less than 25,000 tons is extracted annually. Every November Salar de Uyuni is also the breeding grounds for three breeds of South American flamingos - Chilean, James and Andean. Salar de Uyuni is also a significant tourist destination in western Bolivia. Also, we visit colored lagoons (red lagoon and green lagoon), mummies, deserts and small towns on the way.
Suitable for:
Confident beginners to experts, average fitness and above.
DAY 1: The tour starts at 10:00 in the morning when the tour leader waits for you in the travel company office then take you in a private transportation to Colchani, Eyes of Salt Flats, Uyuni Salt Flats, Salt Hotel, Incahuasi Island, Trains Cemetery, Galaxy Cavern, Devils Cave and overnight in a Salt Hotel in Atulcha.
DAY 2: After breakfast the jeep goes to Laguna Canapa, Laguna Hedionda, Laguna Chiarkota, Siloli Desert and Laguna Colorada, then overnight in a basic lodging.
DAY 3: Early in the morning we visit Geysers, Hot Springs and Laguna Verde, at this point people who goes to San Pedro Atacama leave the group, then the remaining group cross Valle de Rocas and finally ends in Uyuni.
Some days is possible visit how people pick and process the salt.


Category: Tour Adventure / Aventura
Fitness Required: Moderate/Moderado
Availability: Daily/Diario
Duration: 3.0 days
Departs on: Uyuni-Bolivia
Arrives to: San Pedro Atacama-Chile
Dia 1/Day 1
Ojos del Salar
Salar de Uyuni
Hotel de Sal
Isla Incahuasi
Cementerio de Trenes
Cueva del Diablo
Caverna de Galaxias
Dia 2/Day 2
Laguna Canapa
Laguna Hedionda
Laguna Ramaditas
Desierto Siloli (Arbol Piedra)
Laguna Colorada
Dia 3/Day 3
Aguas Termales
Laguna Verde
Valle Rocas
Location: Uyuni
Begin: 10:30 am
Finish: 13:00 pm
Payment in advance: Blue Line Service requires payment in advance in order to guarantee your tour. After making the reservation we will let you know methods to pay your tour in a safe and fast way (Credit Cards, Bank Deposit or Money Transfer).


What to Bring

  • Camera
  • Sun Block Cream
  • Water
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sun Glasses
  • Waterproof Clothing
  • Clothes:
    ….. Thermal shirt
    ….. Rainproof/windproof jacket
    ….. Long pants
  • Provisions:
    ….. Chocolate or your favorite riding treat
  • Odds and ends:
    ….. Bandana

  • The Price Includes

  • Guide/Driver
  • Transportation
  • 3 Lunchs, 2 Breakfasts and 2 Dinners
  • Snacks
  • Basic Accommodation

  • The Price do NOT Includes

  • Isla Incahuasi Fee
  • Galaxy Cavern Fee
  • National Park Fee
  • Water
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Transfer San Pedro Atacama

    We understand that sometimes plans fall through. We do not charge a change or cancel fee. However, this property (Blue Line Service ) imposes the following penalty to its customers that we are required to pass on: Cancellations or changes made 24 hours before your arrival date-time are subject to a total tour fare & Tax penalty. The property makes no refunds for no shows or early checkouts.

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