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Add.: Loa # 881 esquina calle Colon, Sucre
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Tarabuco Sunday Market Tours-Sucre0 USD
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Picture Tarabuco Sunday Market Tours, Bolivia. Tours en , Bolivia
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Picture Tarabuco Sunday Market Tours, Bolivia. Tours en , Bolivia
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Picture Tarabuco Sunday Market Tours, Bolivia. Tours en , Bolivia
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Picture Tarabuco Sunday Market Tours, Bolivia. Tours en , Bolivia

Tarabuco Sunday Market
Tarabuco is a small colonial town about 65 kilometers from Sucre. This town is shaped by incredible cultural values and offers many rich experiences for the adventurous traveler. Here the residents have conserved the traditional dress and customs of bygone times, which they show off in their entire splendor in the market that takes place each Sunday.
The Tarabuco market is an opportunity for everyone to take part in the beautiful weavings that are famous for this area. Bargain for and enjoy the magnificent crafts that the local artists have to offer. Enjoy the family hospitality at historic Hacienda Candelaria, which is nearby, and in the morning visit the homes of local weavers. Maybe you will pick up a few words of Quechua, which will make your bargaining at the market more impressive and memorable.
Notable Highlights:
At Tarabucos Sunday market, Quechua merchants arrive on foot or atop rickety wooden trucks piled high with produce and hand-woven textiles. As their displays take shape in the early morning sun of the central plaza, the gray-green landscape wakes up to a blaze of color. Meanwhile, women in bowler hats, long black plaits and brightly colored crinoline skirts, ladle spoonfuls of delicious stew from the ring of cauldrons in the food market.
Suitable for:
Confident beginners to experts, average fitness and above.
The tour starts at 8:00 in the morning when the tour leader pick you up from the hotel and then take a private transportation to Tarabuco (1:00 Hrs ride).
In Tarabuco the tour leader explains about this sunday market, culture around the area, how textils are made, what does textils means, traditions and talk with people.
At 12:00 we take the lunch in a Restaurant with traditional food (Salads Buffet)
After lunch people from the area in traditional dresses dance the Phujllay, it is possible take great pictures.
At 14:30 hours we go back to Sucre.
We can offer you the option of extend the tour to Hacienda Candelaria.


Category: City Tour
Fitness Required: Moderate/Moderado
Availability: Sundays/Domingos
Duration: 1.0 days
Departs on: Sucre
Arrives to: Sucre
Location: Sucre
Begin: 08:00 am
Finish: 15:00 pm


What to Bring

  • Camera
  • Sun Block Cream
  • Water
  • Sun Glasses
  • Waterproof Clothing
  • Clothes:
    ….. Thermal shirt
    ….. Rainproof/windproof jacket
    ….. Long pants
  • Provisions:
    ….. Chocolate or your favorite riding treat
  • Odds and ends:
    ….. Bandana

  • The Price Includes

  • Tour Guide
  • Entree Fees
  • Transportation
  • Lunch in a Typical Restaurant (No Beverages)

  • The Price do NOT Includes

  • Water

    We understand that sometimes plans fall through. We do not charge a change or cancel fee. However, this property (Cruz de Popayan Tours ) imposes the following penalty to its customers that we are required to pass on: Cancellations or changes made 24 hours before your arrival date-time are subject to a total tour fare & Tax penalty. The property makes no refunds for no shows or early checkouts.

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